Sonali Bank Representative Office  


Sonali Bank Representative Office Embassy of Bangladesh, Riyadh, KSA. Charter of Duties of Sonali Bank Representative office, Riyadh, KSA. This Office was set up with an objective of rendering remittance promotion service among Bangladeshi Expatriates working in different cities under jurisdiction of this Embassy. This office operates in the following manners: 1. Different types of Bank Account Opening. 2. Sale of Wage Earner’s Development Bonds. 3. Sale of U.S. Dollar Investment Bond and Dollar Premium Bond. 4. Settlement of remittance related complaints. 5. Publicity and awareness to the Bangladeshi Expatriates to send remittance through Banking channel. 6. Boost up relation between different Saudi banks and Sonali Bank PLC . 7. Build up business relations with Bangladeshi business community. 8. Provide necessary assistance in connection with sending remittance to Bangladesh. 9. Miscellaneous: This office sends various types of reports on the above activities to Sonali Bank PLC, Head Office, Dhaka and submits a copy to H.E. Ambassador. (Mohammad Taufiqur Rahman) Assistant General Manager Sonali Bank Representative





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